Our Story

Our company’s influence began in an obscure Ohioan town with a shy, faith-filled entrepreneur. Today, our influence touches lives in over 50 countries around the globe. The pages below chronicle our company’s journey to be 100% about Jesus.

How We Reached 100%

The founder of U.S. Plastic Corporation®, Dr. Stanley Tam, has two passions: making money and helping people find God. And since the very beginning of his business, he has used the one passion to fuel the other. More

Where We Give 100%

God first introduced Stanley Tam to a ministry called One Mission Society (OMS) in the early 1950's. While on a mission trip to Japan, Stanley walked alongside OMS staff who were actively sharing God's love... More

Still 100%

It has been over 60 years since Stanley Tam made the decision to give God 100% control of his business, and still today, U.S. Plastic Corporation® is 100% committed to the very same vision and mission. More

Our Influence

Through our partnership with Every Community for Christ, U.S Plastic gives 100% of our yearly dividends to bring God’s love, hope and tangible support to communities around the world.



We take pride in serving our customers with excellence.

This missionary kid is fulfilling his calling to serve God as an employee of U.S. Plastic. Learn more about our commitment to missions through Jordan’s story.

When you choose U.S. Plastic as your supplier, you join in our mission to bring God’s message of love and hope to communities around the world.

This inspiring portrait tells the life story of Stanley Tam, our founder and author of God Owns My Business. It covers the timeline of his life and the events that shaped him.

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Get the FREE Book

When Stanley Tam, founder of U.S. Plastic, decided to give 100% legal ownership of his company to God, it deeply impacted both his professional and personal life. Read his remarkable story in the FREE book God Owns My Business.

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