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It has been over 60 years since Stanley Tam made the decision to give God 100% control of his business, and still today, U.S. Plastic Corporation® is 100% committed to the very same vision and mission. While our product line, our facility and our staff have changed and grown, our commitment to Christ and to resourcing the Great Commission has never, and will never, change.

Today, we distribute over 32,000 plastic items and even manufacture our own Tamco® line of industrial-strength tanks. Our facility is state-of-the-art with the latest web site technology, product tracking system, and order fulfillment equipment. We hold nothing back when it comes to delivering quality products to our customers in an expeditious manner. In addition to our tanks, we carry an extensive inventory of bottles, labware, tubing, and buckets. Beyond these top five, customers also come to us for our vast selection of sheet, rods, totes, pipe, valves, and food industry products.

We are grateful for your interest in our story, our mission and our values. If you’re interested in reading more about Stanley and his story, get a copy of his free book. The testimonies below give insight into our staff’s motivation and dedication to serve Jesus here at U.S. Plastic®.

“I love being a part of something bigger than myself. Knowing that the work I do here affects others in an eternal way gives me a great sense of purpose. I want to be faithful in my responsibilities and be as productive as possible. God has given me this work to do and he is totally with me as I do it. He gives me the resolve I need to keep going, even in the midst of stressful situations. Giving 100% at work is an easy decision. I love serving our customers with quality products and I love building God’s kingdom.”

— Roberta Thaman, Tamco Operations Director

Dennis Howard

“As a believer, my outlook towards work has totally changed. First, I recognize that I am ultimately working for God’s glory, so that compels me to do my very best. And that is not always easy to do, so I keep reminding myself of this. Then there are the people, and that is what I love about my job. Each person is unique as they come from many different backgrounds. Through the lens of Christ, I try to view the workplace as a “mission field” and build relationships with those around me. Hopefully through those relationships and our time together, they will see Christ in me. If I can show one person Christ, it is worth it.”

— Dennis Howard, Welding & Assembly Lead

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Get the FREE Book


Get the FREE Book

When Stanley Tam, founder of U.S. Plastic, decided to give 100% legal ownership of his company to God, it deeply impacted both his professional and personal life. Read his remarkable story in the FREE book God Owns My Business.

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